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Shengli regards sales as a process to provide customers with excellent services. From pre-sales reception and consultation, to in-sales process explanation and performance analysis to after-sales technical support, network coverage, we are determined to create a more professional, fast, and beyond expectation. 

Shengli uses enthusiasm and professionalism to receive every call for consultation, enter your consultation information into the database, and recommend a centrifuge that is more suitable for you according to the separation requirements of customers' concerns and the characteristics of the separated materials. Especially for flammable, explosive and strongly corrosive materials, we devote greater energy to analysis, research, comparison and verification; with years of field operation experience, static analysis and dynamic test of separated materials are carried out when necessary, and the results of the tests are analyzed and tested on site. On the basis of this, we will develop a better separation solution so that the centrifugal equipment can adapt to the separation and safety requirements under actual working conditions. For the special requirements of specific customers, the technology research and development center can provide personalized customized services. From the initial draft design, plan confirmation, to raw material procurement, to processing and manufacturing and after-sales service, we strive for perfection, meticulous, and strict modernization. Enterprise production process execution.

Shengli has established a professional technical team through years of hard work. Whether it is theoretical basis or actual combat experience, the team can withstand the test. We also establish technical files and quality files for customers. Once the centrifuge fails during operation, we will propose solutions within a short period of time and assist customers in troubleshooting and solving problems, so that customers can resume normal production. We adhere to the belief of customer-oriented, sincerely treat every consultation call, every complaint, we pay attention to details, even if these problems are not caused by our design or manufacturing defects, we still wholeheartedly provide assistance to customers, because We are committed to the safe and stable operation of centrifuges and create value for customers.

Shengli cooperates sincerely with customers hand in hand. We are also grateful and thank customers for their support and trust along the way, which has enabled Shenglitai to make great progress. We will use higher and more refined quality, faster and better service. Come to be your best supplier of centrifugal equipment and create a beautiful future with you. Shengli Light Industry-Serve attentively and accompany you by your side.

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