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PAUT series flat plate type top suspension scraper bottom discharge automatic centrifuge

Standard manufacturing form

1. Structure: The shell is equipped with feed pipe, washing pipe, observation mirror, exhaust port, inspection hole, lighting hole; closed structure, drum, shell, flip cover and other parts are made of stainless steel (SUS304). The machine base is cast, and the surface is lined with stainless steel. The drum, the inner and outer surfaces of the shell, and the surface of the exposed parts of the machine are all polished.
2. All solid parts are stainless steel parts.
3. Using PLC control.
4. Electromechanical material process control.
5. Transmission and braking: ordinary motor (or explosion-proof motor) + frequency converter + energy consumption braking.
6. Pneumatic moving parts system.


PAUT structure diagram

The main technical parameters

Item Model
PAUT1250 PAUT 1320 PAUT 1600
Drum diameter(mm) 1250 1320 1600
Drum working highly(mm) 800 800 1000
Drum working volume(L) 450 490 1000
Maximum loading limit(kg) 580 620 1250
Durm speed(r/min) 970 900 8500
Filtration area(m2) 3.14 3.41 5.0
Separation factor(ω2r/ ɡ) 658 600 647
Motor power(kw) 30 30 45
Overall weight(kg) 5000 5500 10000
Physical size(mm) 2100×2000×2600 2100×2000×2600 2700×2350×2900

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