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Application of VZU160/6.3 desulfurization gypsum centrifuge in related industries

Time: 2021-08-27

The VZU160/6.3 desulfurization gypsum centrifuge produced by our company has been successfully and maturely applied in China. When the equipment is in the bidding, facing the competition of foreign counterparts, our company's gypsum centrifuge is cost-effective, high-configuration, and well-equipped. The advantages of background, high-quality service, etc. moved the users, and finally won the users' approval. At present, the gypsum centrifuge has been installed and put into production, and the use effect is good, the technical stability can be comparable to imported equipment, the cost-effective advantage is obvious, and the supporting services for users are far superior to foreign counterparts.

The gypsum centrifuge produced by our company has been used steadily for a long time, has gone through the test of time, and has been in stable use, please consult and negotiate!

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