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Manufacturing method of Jiangsu Shengli gypsum centrifuge

Time: 2021-08-27

The gypsum centrifuge manufactured by Jiangsu Shengli Machinery Company is mainly composed of hydraulic system, power system, drum and other parts. Among them, the rotating drum is formed by coaxially connecting cylindrical and truncated cones. The end of the gypsum centrifuge cover is provided with a feed port, and the gypsum slag discharge port is located under the gypsum centrifuge. The side of the shell is provided with a liquid outlet, and the liquid outlet is arranged on the shell to discharge the liquid smoothly, and the liquid in the gypsum mixture is separated faster by using a centrifuge. Therefore, our gypsum centrifuge has the characteristics of short separation time, good separation effect, and energy saving.

The power of the gypsum centrifuge is transmitted to the main shaft of the gypsum centrifuge by a motor using a belt. The main shaft drives the drum to rotate and separate. The size of the drum ranges from 1600mm-1000mm.

The main purpose of the gypsum centrifuge produced by our company:

FGD wet flue gas desulfurization technology is usually used in thermal power plants, waste incineration plants, cement plants and other sulfur dioxide desulfurization treatments.

The obvious advantages of the gypsum centrifuge produced by our company:

1. Low energy consumption and low energy costs. Only in the short period of feeding and acceleration, the full power of the motor needs to be exerted, and the other time is running at low power. At the same time, the heat energy is fully utilized and resources are saved.

2. The amount of flushing fluid is relatively small, which reduces water consumption and saves costs.

Third, the floor area is greatly reduced (only 1/3 of the vacuum filter belt), and the production land is significantly reduced.

Four, fully enclosed, automated centrifugal separation system, the operation is more environmentally friendly and more convenient.

5. Reduced maintenance and maintenance costs. Compared with traditional vacuum separation, we can achieve the same effect without maintaining the vacuum pump, and the use cost is greatly reduced.

The cost advantage of our fully automatic gypsum centrifuge and the traditional vacuum filter belt:

1. Compared with the vacuum filter belt, although our centrifuge system purchase cost is slightly higher, but the failure rate is low, and unnecessary losses can be avoided.

2. Low cost of use and long service life. It can run normally for 4-5 years, so the total cost of our centrifuge system is much lower than other vacuum filter belts.

We are a leader in gypsum centrifuges and fully automatic centrifuges, and a major domestic manufacturer of gypsum centrifuges and fully automatic centrifuges. After decades of development and the absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad, we have accumulated rich experience in the research and development and manufacturing of various types of centrifuges. The quality of gypsum centrifuges and fully automatic centrifuges has continued to improve, and has won a good reputation and many awards in the industry. .

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